What information do we generate by being in motion? By placing ourselves on networks? Through the use of surveys distributed to riders over several weeks, data was collected on attitudes, individual proclivities, distances, and other sociologies surrounding the Chinatown Buses. The data was then transformed into graphic geometries, referred to as ‘bodies’, through the use of generative parametric algorithms.  These ‘bodies’ were projected, floating, off the side of the Fung Wah Biennial bus using a narrow one pixel wide LED Persistence of Vision display.  This display must be in motion for it's images to be visible to the naked eye. The work was installed on three buses for three seperate trips to Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore.
KEITH HARTWIG, artist/designer
DANIEL NEWMAN, artist/designer

w/thanks to FLUX FACTORY
  1. Data Stream
    Data Stream
  2. Visual prosthesis
    Visual prosthesis
  3. Data 'Bodies'
    Data 'Bodies'
  4. Flows of Information
    Flows of Information
  5. Data Captured in Motion, Displayed in Motion
    Data Captured in Motion, Displayed in Motion
  6. Lux Transmissive
    Lux Transmissive
  7. Lux Transmissive at Flux Factory
    Lux Transmissive at Flux Factory
  8. Time Lapse
    Time Lapse